Proposed Bylaw Admendments

At our last general meeting, notice was given about proposed amendments to the council’s bylaws.

First, the proposed changes allow for elections and meetings to be conducted online, when in-person meetings are not possible. This is helpful not only for the pandemic, but also for other unexpected circumstances.

Additionally, the bylaw changes enable the council to have a credit card, so that executives do not need to pay expenses out of pocket. This is especially helpful when it comes to pandemic-era online purchases. We do not buy much, but we do have some needs: a subscription to MS Office, for example. Of course, there needs to be oversight over how the credit card is used, and the proposed bylaws aim to provide that, too.

Local delegates will vote on the bylaws at the next general meeting. Please let us know if you have any input.


  1. Section 10 b a:  Where in person elections are not available, online elections will be used.
  2. Section 5 a and b: Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing: If necessary, meetings may be conducted electronically via conference calls, telephone town halls or videoconferencing.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Credit Card Policy and Procedures is to establish, CUPE Local 9125 Credit Card guidelines.

POLICY: The Credit Card is to be used for purchase of goods and services within established limits recommended by the Treasurer and President of the Local.

Each Cardholder’s “spending limit” is determined based on the member’s work activities. Only the President and Treasurer are eligible for a credit card.

Each Credit Card issued remains the property of the Local. Authorization for usage is provided to Cardholders on the understanding that the card will be used with good judgment in the purchase of goods and services on behalf of the Local.

All Cardholders will sign an agreement which outlines that they understand their responsibilities regarding card usage prior to being issued a card.

The Credit Card is never to be used for:

  • Cash advances
  • Personal purchases
  • Personal fines and/or related towing charges
  • Any purchase of liquor must have the Executives prior approval.

Please note that all relevant travel and expense policies apply, whether or not the Credit Card is used as payment for the transaction.

All purchases will be audited by the Local’s Treasurer to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

The Local retains the right to revoke or cancel a card at any time.

Misuse of the card is considered a serious offence.

PROCEDURES: In order to facilitate the processing of the Local’s Credit Card guidelines the following procedures are to be used:

1.A Cardholder Agreement between the Local and the user must be signed and approved before a card can be issued.

  1. Liability for authorized charges on the Credit Card rests with the Local and not the individual Cardholder.
  2. Liability for unauthorized personal charges on the Credit Card rests with the individual Cardholder.
  3. The Cardholder must ensure that each receipt includes the following information:
  • Itemized description of goods or service purchased
  • Supplier name
  • Transaction date
  • Transaction total
  • Cardholder Signature if the purchase is not completed online
  1. Receipts include charge slips, cash register receipts or packing slips. For subscriptions, a copy of the renewal notice or initial subscription request is a receipt.
  2. All receipts must be matched to the Cardholder’s account statement by the Locals Treasurer before processing.
  3. The Cardholder is responsible for the verification of all charges against their Credit Card account. Any discrepancies must be resolved by the Cardholder within 30 days of their statement date.
  4. It will be the responsibility of the Cardholder to notify the bank immediately in the event of a lost or stolen card.  9. It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to return the Credit Card when no longer required for the purposes of their service to the Local.


Our current bylaws can be found here.