Towards a Community-Driven Lebreton Flats

The Ottawa CUPE District Council is reaching out to CUPE members and affiliates to ask you to sign onto and promote a petition being undertaken by the LeBreton Flats Community Benefits Coalition.

The LeBreton Flats Community Benefits Coalition came together in June of 2019 to advocate with the National Capital Commission (NCC) for a “Community Benefit Agreement” (CBA) to ensure that the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats (a 56-acre tract of land in the heart of downtown Ottawa) is developed to include:

  • Affordable housing
  • Community health and social services
  • Recreation
  • Decent work, wages and job training opportunities
  • Environmental sustainability

Check-out their website for more about them:

To view/sign the online petition go to:


A CBA is a legally binding agreement between project developers and/or public institutions and a legally constituted coalition of community groups.

CBAs enable communities to play a meaningful role in the planning and execution of a development and establish governance and enforcement mechanisms to enforce the agreement.