🍎 2019 Educational Calendar

Educationals scheduled by the council are available here: https://cupe.ca/mrm-union-education/events?province_id=5&location_city=Ottawa If you have any questions, email ottawacupecouncil@gmail.com

Denouncing Doug Ford’s attack on post-secondary students and post-secondary workers

The Ottawa CUPE District Council (OCDC) condemns Doug Ford’s attack on post-secondary students and workers on post-secondary education campuses. Following the Ford Government announcement on January 17th and subsequent clarifications, postsecondary students and workers in Ontario now face a precarious future. Ontario has been witnessing regressive policy announcements since the inauguration of the Ford government, and January 17th’s policy announcement, …

New and returning executives: Welcome!

It’s wonderful to see new people step up to help run this council. A warm welcome goes out to our new President, Benjamin from Local 1281! It’s also great to see Moraine and Trish from Local 2605, and Patricia from Local 2626 as our new executive members-at-large. See our full executive here.